The classic variety pack comes with 5 different drinking chocolate bars that can be melted into hot milk.
The flavours included are:
  • Bitter Classic
  • Rich Almond
  • Caffe Latte
  • Nut Nougat
  • White Vanilla

100% Organic, Fair Trade, Bean-to-Bar

5 bars (22g each) per package


Zotter Schokolade runs a full chocolate tasting experience at their factory nestled in the hills of Southern Austria. Despite the warnings, it is a place where you will learn that it is in fact possible to consume too much chocolate. One stop on the tour involves the world's smallest cable car that runs throughout the room, each compartment carrying one single drinking chocolate bar. Visitors can select their drinking chocolate of choice and bring it up to the milk bar where they are served a hot and frothy glass of milk to dissolve their chocolate into. This is your opportunity to have that same experience from home with five different flavours to choose from.