Chocolate Tasting Session

Chocolate Tasting Session

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Curious About the World of Chocolate? 

Join us after hours in The Sugar Shack at Goods & Co. Market and discover the beauty of chocolate made with intention. 

Participants will learn what goes into crafting a high-quality chocolate bar from sourcing beans to the final product. You will be guided through a sensory session on how to taste and leave with a better understanding of the flavours and characteristics found in single-origin bars from some of the best chocolate makers out there.

Expect to leave this session feeling empowered to make better chocolate-purchasing decisions with a whole new wealth of knowledge. You will be able to better appreciate the chocolate bars you are tasting and learn to seek out new bars from various makers. 

The Details

  • Sessions will run for roughly 1 hour and are limited to 8 people to encourage more intimate discussion. 

  • We will be tasting 5 bars from a selection of chocolate makers.

  • There will be an opportunity to shop The Sugar Shack shelves after the session and ask specific questions about the products available. 

Session Dates Available

  • Thursday, May 16th 7:00pm

  • Choose the session date you would like to attend from the drop-down menu. 

A Note On Gifts

If you are purchasing a tasting session as a gift for someone, please provide us with their name and e-mail address in the note at checkout so we are able to contact them prior to the selected tasting date. We will not be communicating with the gift recipient until the week of the tasting.