The Fancy Cheese Club

The Fancy Cheese Club

Eaten And Told

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Taste your way through different cheeses from around the world with our cheese subscription service for the curious.

We have partnered with The Cheese Encounter to introduce you to the cheeses you haven't met yet. Often perceived as “fancy”, many cheeses are in fact quite approachable. This is your opportunity to learn what makes them special and help you figure out what kind of cheese you actually like.

The cheeses selected have not yet graced The Cheese Encounter case, so even if you're already a regular, you're in for a real treat!


What's Included

  • Roughly 200g of one single cheese, enough to share or taste over a few days.

  • A collectible info card detailing the origin story, characteristics, and suggested pairings.

Subscriptions Details

  • 3 Months at $29/month
    6 Months at $27/month
    12 Months at $25/month

  • The sign-up deadline is the first Friday of the month in which the subscription selected will begin. 

  • You will be notified when your cheese is ready for pick-up. Please reference the indicated pick-up week when selecting your subscription:

    2022 Pickup Dates

    July 21st-23rd
    August 25th-27th
    September 22nd-24th
    October 27th-29th
    November 24th-26th
    December 29th-31st

  • We recommend picking up your cheese within these dates for the optimal tasting experience. 
  • Any requested subscription pauses must be made by the sign-up deadline of the corresponding month.

  • No substitutions for dietary restrictions or preferences at this time.

  • Pick-up at The Cheese Encounter only. No deliveries.

  • If you are purchasing a subscription as a gift for someone, please indicate their name and e-mail address in the note at check-out so they can be notified when their cheese is ready for pick-up.