White Kampot Pepper

White Kampot Pepper

Mill Pepper Co.

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About the product

Vine-ripened and hand-harvested between March and May when yellow or red, soaked in water overnight, and rubbed to remove their skins. They are then dried naturally in the sun. Harvested organically without the use of chemicals. 

About the brand

Mill Pepper Co. grows organic peppercorns in the Kampot province of Cambodia. Peppercorns have been produced in Kampot for over 100 years and are the first Cambodian product to receive a Protected Geographical Indication with strict rules for cultivating and processing to protect this regional product.  Mill Pepper Co. partners with a small, organic farm to offer single origin Kampot Pepper to the world. 

Kampot Pepper is considered to be one of the best varieties of pepper offering a depth of flavour, with floral, jasmine-like qualities and a hint of sweetness. The same vine produces green, black, red, and white peppercorns, the resulting product depending on picking time and processing.