About the Product

Known as “Boukovo” or the Mediterranean chili, these smoky flakes are mildly sweet with minimal heat. Almopia peppers are hand sorted and slow fried on birch wood for 10 days once ripe. Farmers will work in shifts to guard the fire and ensure it never goes out. 

The Karatzova peppers have played an important role in the culinary history of Northern Greece since the Ottoman Empire but have since been forgotten for more profitable crops. The peppers used in this product are procured from the few who still cultivate this crop today. 

Try sprinkled over baked feta and roasted vegetables.


About the Brand

Based in Athens, Daphnis and Chloe source their herbs from small organic farms across Greece with a focus on heirloom varieties. Benefiting from Greece's unique microclimate, each variety is hand-picked in its natural habitat and preserved according to tradition.