House of Funk Roasting Co.

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Not afraid to experiment, House of Funk is both a brewery and a roastery in North Vancouver. We are offering a selection of beans that range from their timeless series to their more funky and psychedelic offerings. 

Tasting Notes

Technicolour Espresso: Reminds us of your favourite chocolate bar, just a little bit melted.

Costa Rica Filter: Reminds us of a Wether's from grandma.

Sundae Morning - Rwanda Espresso: One of those watermelon candies.

Pepo Party - Zambia Filter: Reminds us of crème brûlée, topped with raspberries.

About House of Funk Roasting Co.

"In the roastery, we're continually developing funky flavour profiles by tailoring our degree of roast to highlight the nuances of every origin.

 It is important to us that we only procure traceable green from farms that align with our own values of sustainability and community. We want to help grow the economies for the people of the regions which are less developed.

We strive to push people's palates beyond what they expect from coffee. Acidity is not a crime."
- House of Funk Roasting Co.